Orgoon, Orgoon, Orgoon

Well folks the first day of clinic is in the books and let me tell you, nothing prepares you for this kind of work. At the beginning of the day there was a lot of nervous energy because of all the months of planning and preparation that went into this day. As scary as it may have seemed, never have a felt so much fulfillment or happiness in all of my education. From the look I received from the tanned face of the first patient I saw I knew that I was hooked on this service thing. 

Patients came in with chief complaints ranging from muscle pain to seizures but the first word they said to us as they sat in their chair to be treated was "Orgoon" or thank you in Khmer. As I listened to their past medical histories and their stories many said that they had never been to a doctor before or that we were the only healthcare they received each year. Woah. How lucky am I that every time I feel that I am not well I can go to someone that has both the answers to my questions and the capability to fix my health problems. It gave me a whole new understanding as to just how important our role as healthcare providers is for these patients. When we turn them loose they may not be seen again for a very long time. 

How lucky am I that I get to be a part of the team that makes these people feel well and cared for? All I can say to these people is "Orgoon". Thank you for letting us into your lives so that as we teach you how to live a healthy life, while you in turn teach us how to have a full heart. 

Millie Smith (Undergraduate)

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