Min ba ha ya hay ahway?

"What are you here for today?"

After all the packing, prepping and studying we are more than anxious to finally get in the field! Tomorrow we go to our first clinic and there is a mixture of excitement, anxiety and a little bit of fear in the air. I have been looking forward to this day and now that it's time I must admit I am nervous. I know we are going to be seeing a lot of patients during the next few weeks and for some patients we are going to be the only form of healthcare that they have ever reached out to.

I think my biggest fear is not being able to help people. I have been told that some of our patients travel from very far away to get treatment from the "American Healthcare Team" and I just pray that we can live up to their expectations. In the US I  am just a nursing student. I don't say that to make my role sound mediocre. I mean that honestly. In the world of healthcare in the US, if I am shadowing an RN in the hospital and I miss something critical in a patient, since I am still learning there are many people above me to check the patient. Here, I am some people's only hope and in their eyes, student nurse and nurse are the same exact thing.

Although that puts on more pressure, it makes me even more glad that I have such a great team with me. From the interpreters in Cambodia to the supportive administation I know that we will all make it through and we will make a difference. Let's get this party started! :)

-Tonia S. Holloway (Nursing Student)

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