Hard Life & Hope.

June 6, 2016

     Today almost every patient that I saw was a farmer. And when I say "farmer" you need to know that it is not like farming in the states. This is back-bent , pushing-the-plow, hand-planting-the-rice, crouching-on-your-knees type of farming. This is hard work and it more than wears on their bodies. Most of the patients I saw today had a horrible joint pain from osteoarthritis caused from a long, hard hours of work. Or they had nerve compression from crouching and bending leading to numbness, tingling and shooting pain. Or headaches caused from heavy lifting, strain, or dehydration. In essence these peoples bodies are being worn down much faster than they should. They deal with chronic pain on a daily basis and still, somehow, drag themselves into the fields for another day. It is hard for me to be unable to do more than hold her hand, smile at them and tell them I understand but hard drives they have had. At the end of the day all I can do is hope that this and the few ibuprofen I can pass their way will help.

Karman Duchon, Medical Student

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