First Day of Clinical

Today was our first day of clinical and I had to make major sacrifices in order to participate in this once of a life time experience. Despite missing my son's elementary school graduation which is once in a life time; I also had a once in a life time experience in Cambodia today. Serving the Khmer people today was very rewarding; it was everything I anticipated and more. Even though it was only the first day I have learned a lot from my peers and the Khmer people. I think they are very resilient people and despite their complaints, sicknesses and ailments they greeted us with similes and although we were not able to help everyone, they were very grateful for the care we provided for them despite the little time we spent with them. Clinical today was worth the sacrifice!

 “The more you offer yourself to make life better for someone, the more you empty yourself of the load of destiny you carry into the world. Serve till you empty all.” 
_ Israelmore Ayivor- Leaders Watchwords

Christal Leitch
Georgia Baptist College of Nursing

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