Falling in love with Cambodia.

May 29, 2016

     Today we went on a really cool hike to the caves and mountains in the area around Kampot. I was overwhelmed by the scenery of the caves and mountains that we explored. We also ran into some of the children who lived there who acted as our tour guides. Seeing the beauty of the terrain in Cambodia as well as how cheerful the kids were taking pictures with us made the trip really enjoyable and memorable. I am definitely falling in love with this country as the days go by and will miss it greatly. 


     The next day was full of uncertainty and a little bit of anxiety as the rest of the pharmacy team and myself headed what we called as "counting day" where we got all of the medicine supplies out and divided up groups to count out all of the individual pills in our inventory. I do not have a lot of experience leading a large group of people, but once I figured out the best way for my team to efficiently count and inventory the medications I felt much better about my leadership skills and thought my team did a fantastic job. We ended up finishing courting day way earlier than I expected. We ended the day by celebrating with a tasty French meal at a local restaurant. 

Jonathan Cobb, Pharmacy Student

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