Clinic Prep Day

This morning a group of students got to experience our first Khmer Methodist church service. I had no idea what to expect before arriving but it was so much more than I had imagined. As soon as the bus pulled up to the church I was blown away by how big, beautiful, and inviting it was. The service started out with several songs and even though I had no idea what they were singing, I felt like it was just as moving as if I knew every word. For the sermon the pastor prepared a PowerPoint presentation with everything he was saying in English. He went out of his way just to make us feel welcome and to keep us engaged with what he was preaching. After the service was finished everyone made a circle and prayed for the clinics that we will be holding there this Thursday and Friday. It's awesome to know that we have people both at home and here in Cambodia praying that we will accomplish great things during our clinic days! 

After lunch we went into full work mode. Every supply and medication that we brought for the 2 weeks of clinic was spread out on tables outside by the dock. It looked like we had our own mini pharmacy set up and running. To say that things started out a little chaotic would be an understatement, but I was so impressed with how everyone came together to get the task accomplished. After 6 hours we finally finished counting around 40,000 Ibuprofen, 15,000 Tylenol,18,000 vitamins, and many many more. I never heard one person complain and everyone was eager to help out in any way that we asked. I'm not sure if they confused the chaos with fun, but we even had a group of Bungalow staff members helping us count. They had very limited english so it was a good opportunity for us to practice our language skills and I loved that they wanted to be a part of the team for the day. We truly have an amazing group and I know we are going to work together to help change the lives of people we see at the clinics! 

-Laura Hall (Pharmacy Student)


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