Clinc Day #6

June 7, 2016

     In the past two days, we have seen 485 patients. 485. That number seems insane. To put it into perspective, an average office appointment is scheduled for 15 minutes. If a single practitioner was to see all the patients we have seen in the last two days, it would take 121 hours, give or take, which would correlate to roughly 15 8-hour days. That doesn’t include the time in takes for all the information to be relayed via interpreter. We have a remarkable team. The faculty, the students, the volunteers, and the interpreters are individually and collectively strong. Any other people might crumble at the thought of trying to conduct clinic partially outside in the middle of a monsoon with I kid you not (no pun intended) goats, chickens, cows, turkeys, puppies, and school age children running through the yard. If you want to get good at taking manual blood pressures, our clinic this week is just the inferno you should visit. I have been so amazed with our patients, that I hadn’t stopped until today, when I had the opportunity to help manage the clinic, to realize just how talented our team is. This trip is structured in such a way that all members are challenged and put in positions that allow us to grow in more than just our specialties or areas of interest. Never in my life did I think I would want to be a charge nurse, yet today I found myself doing exactly that. It was hard and uncomfortable, but life without change is static by definition, isn’t it? I am grateful for the opportunities I have been presented with because they have stretched me in ways that I didn’t anticipate, and I think the rest of our team would say the same. 

Natalie Clifton, Nursing Student

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