Being Abroad.

June 10, 2016

     “Investment in travel is an investment in yourself.” As much as we have given to the Cambodian people I feel that I have gotten so much more in return. Traveling abroad allowed me to step outside of my comfort zone, and experience the giant world outside of America. Everything is different here, from the bathrooms to the way people live. Everyday is a new adventure with something to else to discover.

     Any traveling is a great experience, but leaving your home country allows you to not only see new things, but get to experience a new culture. Cambodia has offered so many things. I saw poverty beyond anything I had ever seen before. I went to beautiful temples built before America even existed, meet the humbling Cambodian people, and even walked into traffic without looking. My soul was touched in a way that could not have happened at home. I hope to continue to travel abroad throughout my life and expose my future family to the world outside of America.

     It is interesting however to see how much I have learned about my own culture by amercing myself in the Cambodian culture. We take for granted our history and culture. The Cambodian people are able to tell us all about their history 100s of years ago, in America you are doing good to find a person who knows who their governor is. Second, we are so blessed. When talking to an 80 year old woman, I was shocked to hear that she is still working as a farmer. It is hard to imagine a world without retirement funds and social security. I have learned that just because it is how things are at home, doesn’t meant that it is the only or best way.

Lyndsey Bell, Nursing Student

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