Before the Medicinal Storm

      May 29, 2016

     We started out the morning bright and early on the Natural Bungalows' property. I had noted the beauty of the pavilion, & swings in the days prior but something about today felt different. I was able to take in more and honestly have a moment of prayer on the swing overlooking the water. I know that this opportunity is such a one in a lifetime experience to have, and I am so thankful for it, this team, and the chance to serve.    

     This day was to be filled with activities and I most looked forward to going to church and meeting our interpreters. The church was one-of-a-kind, and we were greeted by nothing but smiling faces from the congregation and the pastor. Shoes off at the door, and we were meet individually by members of the congregation. I could already tell how welcoming they were and their genuine desire to meet us matched our own excitement. Service was filled with praise and worship that surpassed any language and cultural barrier. Laura and Justis were presented with the opportunity to sing “Amazing Grace” during the service and it was incredible. After service concluded the smiles never left the congregation’s faces as we were welcomed once again. I cannot wait to get our feet on the ground and help as many people as possible.

     Lunch was delicious (chicken curry is always a favorite) that served as the event before the “medicinal storm.” The afternoon was met with many challenges of its own as we carried down suitcases filled to the brims with supplies, toys, and medications. We were introduced to all of our interpreters and worked with them to sort and separate appropriate doses of medication. I anticipate that friendships will begin to blossom as we met Davy, Yung Bros, and Sambo earlier in the week. All of the other interpreters seem very excited to be here and eager to get to work helping people. I know that this is a trip and our mission to serve would not be possible without them as a part of our team. I am so excited for our first day of clinic tomorrow!! I could not be more grateful for this opportunity and I am ready to get out there to do whatever it takes to serve everyone who steps through the door.


Jabria Stinson, Nursing Student

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