A Humbling Experience

Today my clinic group saw two patients in a row that were growing through relationship troubles. One woman in particular was married but her husband had left with her, married another woman and also took their youngest daughter. Initially, I never would have thought the lady was going through such a struggle because she had a beautiful smile and kept on laughing. However, as we kept on asking questions and were listening to her story, it turned it she was suppressing much of her emotions. We offered several times throughout our conversation if she would like some counseling or if she would like to talk to us about it but she refused. Afterwards, I asked our interpreter if infidelity was an issue in Cambodia and she said it was and many women do not seek counseling or talk about their feelings because they are worried that others may gossip and spread rumors. We assured her that there are ways to seek care and it would be confidential but she still declined. This patient truly touched my heart and made me realize how strong the people of Cambodia are. 

Michele Kim, Pharmacy Student

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