About Mercer on Mission 

Mercer Missions


Mercer Missions are specially organized projects encouraged by the school for faculty, staff, and student participation. Projects may last days to weeks in length and may be either part of a curricular offering or be voluntary in nature and are intended to be transformational in their impact on students. All projects are planned with a purpose to serve disadvantaged people by providing education and health care in a direct, culturally sensitive manner care while learning about another country's culture, environment, and health systems. Team members are volunteers and are recruited to join a team of pre-professional and health professional school/college students to deliver acute medical care in mobile clinics in rural, underserved areas.


Service is planned where possible to include experiences as a team member such that each student participates in every aspect of the healthcare process: clinic set-up, patient intake, vital signs, clinic coordination, diagnosis/treatment, pharmacy distribution, and patient education.


Student service is always directly supervised by a faculty member teaching clinical and personal skills vital for a health care provider in the U.S. health care system.

  • Actual learning in our clinics involves each student participating in every aspect of the care process.
  • Students become more aware of health disparities when they return to their own surroundings.
  • Students’ participation in these projects gives them personal experience that may allow continuation into their professional practice lives.
Mercer on Mission: Cambodia 


This particular program is a unique blend of study abroad and service-learning that provides life-changing experiences for students through academic instruction, cultural immersion, meaningful service, and spiritual reflection.


Formal academic courses provide the necessary background of global health care service and delivery and also focus on the specifics related to the people receiving service.

The project is organized as a medical team experience that truly is a unique blend providing the opportunity for the future health care providers to practice medicine in a team approach which is a model of healthcare for the future in theU.S.

This is an academic program where each member of the faculty is dedicated to providing the opportunity for each student to learn essential health care skills.


The students are chosen from the health care professional programs across Mercer University such as: 

  • Medicine, Pharmacy, Nursing, and pre-health CLA majors

The process begins in the fall with advertising and recruiting student participants.

After applications are received a secondary questionnaire is sent to students for additional screening. Recommendations from faculty are sought and the team is chosen in early January.

The orientation program begins in late January with students and faculty attending required monthly meetings.


Details of the course and travel are discussed - there are no surprises when we are ready to depart. Parents are welcome to attend any or all of the meetings, and students are well prepared before the first day of class.


MoM Academic classes begin meeting for 5 days before leaving the country

  • Two Academic courses: Global Health and Health Systems & Policy: academic credit is granted by the student's individual schools (a bit of a challenge)
  • Classes meet 9 A.M. - 3 P.M. daily at Mercer University School of Medicine, Macon, GA
  • Students have homework, reading assignments, and research.

They are required to write a final paper and do a group final presentation.

Students develop an electronic media presence to document their experience and are required to enter items while out of the U.S.

Beginning the first day of class, students are required to keep a daily journal.


Several times throughout the course, students are lead by guided journaling questions. Journals are collected and reviewed by faculty periodically when in-country and turned in at the end of the course. Journals are returned after faculty reviews are completed.


Mandatory team meetings are held on most nights where everyone is given an opportunity to reflect on and share their personal experience.